Ergotoxin's Ork Names Generator!

This little generator will help you choose a name for your warhammer 40k ork bosses, nobz and gitz.
Just refresh this page to get a new orky name.
In a typical result, you'll get an orky title/nickname and then an ork name, made out of two to three syllables.

Last update of the database: 2012/03/04.
Contact me (Ergotoxin) at forums or at my 40k blog ( with any possible ideas, suggestions or bugfinds!

Hall of Fame

Warboss Burstahed found his name here!
Let me know if you want your painted Ork with a generated name mentioned here!

Ork names generated:

Sources for the code include information from 4th and 5th edition Ork Codex and Apocalypse rulebook and datasheets, Copyright Games Workshop Ltd. No copyright infringement intended.